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[CK] 16000 Universal Servo R..
Clark model no.16000 - Universal Servo Recoil Upgrade Kit for most Heng Long and Compatible to most 1/16 RC Tanks. Best work together with TK20 serious boards. Pictures shown Assembled. assembly required. Kit included: # 3DP recoil parts. # Mini servo # pack of screws
[CS] Bearing Enhanced Metal ..
Cast Aluminum turret ring with pre-build bearing! As shown on the pics, both Large and small metal turret ring pre-installed with ball bearing. it help to reduce friction between the tank upper hull and the turret, it give the tank turret smooth and better rotation! Two size only same as stock HL stock...
[DK] 1/16 Complete Full Meta..
Made by cast aluminum alloy, reliable and durable! full set included; 1. Cast aluminum alloy metal chassis. 2. Cast aluminum alloy rear plate. 3. Metal swing arm with torsion bar suspension. 4. Dual 550 4:1 sealed steel gearbox. 5. Sprocket shaft bearing included. 6. Hull mounting plate. 7. Metal idler...
[DK] 1/16 Metal track with r..
High quality metal track for 1/16 Leopard 2 which fit for Tamiya, HL or Taigen. changeable rubber pad allow you to replace it any is broken or missing. This track also used on HL Challenger 2 (need to use our Challenger 2 sprocket which come with rubber rings and correct g asket to make it works ). P...
[DK] 1/16 Metal winter track..
1/16 Metal Snow track for Leopard 2A6 High quality metal snow track for 1/16 Leopard which fit for Tamiya or HL. Each snow track pad can remove! price in pair and assembled. Metal track with rubber pad for Leopard is available by this link. http://www.dklmrc.com/116_Metal_track_with_rubber_pad_for_L...
$92.00 $87.40
[DK] Copper Sprocket Hub for..
Copper Sprocket hub set for stock replacement, after several times screw up and remove the screws on the stock aluminum ally sprocket hubs. the screw threads will disappear that make the hub no function. with this steel sprocket hub you will no need to replace it so many times. Parts included : 2 pcs...
[DK] Dual 550 motor 4:1 stee..
Brand new Super powered dual 550 motor 4:1 steel gearbox for Leopard 2A6 Metal lower chassis. You won't lose speed and torque when you driving tank with this gear box. It will fit the Metal hull we are selling. as the mounting hole is fit as normal HL gear box. so that it may also fit other HL tank....
[DK] Full Metal Recoil + Ele..
New in stock! Super stable servo recoil and servo elevation unit in metal. it will fit Henglong, Taigen, Torro, and Tamiya tank in 1/16 scale with some DIY works. Package come as assembled shown as photos. servo recoil installed. also come with gears and mount plate for the elevation unit. you need to...
[DK] Metal grill mesh for 1/..
steel grill mesh in 3 hole size, which is 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.6mm, Choose your prefer hole size at the left side pull down menu. Perfect use for DIY project and scratch build modeling purpose! Hole size from 0.3mm, 0.4mm or 0.6mm size : 95 95mm # Price for 1 pc
[DK] Metal Protect Plate for..
Made by CNC material in Aluminum alloy, Designed prefect fit for Tamiya 2A6 RC tank. This set for protection plate will greatly help to prevent scratches or any kind of harmful to the weak plastic lower hull for the tank. Parts included; 1 x Steel plate 1 x Aluminum plate 2 x screws, nuts pack Build...
[DK] Propulsion dynamics ste..
We ship at once if we have the model you purchase in stock, otherwise have to wait for new stock arrive. Please noted. New Propulsion dynamics steel gearbox (we called : PDSGB) Now available for your tanks! come with powerful torque and desired speed for your RC tanks! Dimension : Approx W=95, L=110,...
[DK] Propulsion dynamics ste..
Steel Mount Set to let you mount and your desire tank and you can switch the PDSGB to use on different tank! Package included: 1. PDSGB steel mount 2. Steel output gear x 2 (with grub screw) 3. Output shaft x 2 (length refer to tank model) 4. Set of screws for mount plate
[DK] Stainless Steel Sprocke..
#New version in Stainless steel without sand brush effect. Stainless Steel made sprocket housing replacement for stock plastic part, Great reinforcement after installation. For Tamiya item no.#56019 Parts included; 2 x Stainless Steel sprocket housing (L,R)
[DK] Stainless Steel Swing A..
LIMITED PRODUCTION! Act fast! 304 grade Industry standard stainless steel made swing arms set, Super durable, no more broken swing arms during tank battle! Replacement for stock Tamiya swing arms in zinc alloy. easy installation, everlasting! Set come with a set 15 pcs swing arms. (1pc for spare use...
[DK] Stainless Steel Track f..
Last one! assembly by order! Premium Grade Upgrades! You will never break your track now! Made by STAINLESS STEEL 304, superior quality, robust, durable and heavy duty. 83 link per track, assembled tracks with rubber pad installed. come with 6 spare links. It prefect fit for Tamiya L2A6, and also fit...
[DK] Steel gears for Tamiya ..
# New Batch coming now, available shipping on early April! # Pre-order now! this hot item run out very fast! Suitable for Tamiya Leopard2, Type-10 and the new Abram M1A2! Steel gear produce by lathe, CNC, wire cut, etc, load of progress for this superior gears, it save the stock gear box by replaced...
[DK] Steel Idler wheel adjus..
Steel Idler wheel adjuster produce by CNC, milling and wire cut etc, it is few times robust than any other idler wheel adjuster in the market. many angels you can set! It's prefect fit for Tamiya Leopard 2A6. it will also fit for our steel inner support frame. Parts included : A pair of steel idler wheel...
[DK] Steel support frame For..
Solid steel made inner support frame for 1/16 Tamiya Leopard 2A6, it greatly reinforce the plastic lower hull. And run more like real tank with such weight increase. Parts included; 2 x Steel frame plate set of copper support rods set of steel screws !! Steel swing arms and steel idler adjuster shown...
[DK] Super detail CNC millin..
New Super detail CNC milling Stainless Steel idler wheel for Tamiya Leopard 2A6. You get what you see from the pictures! Parts included: 2 x Stainless steel inner halve idler with pre mounted rubber tire. 2 x Stainless steel outer halve idler with pre mounted rubber tire. 2 x Copper mount 2 x Copper...
High resolution SLA 3D print MG3 machine gun set for Leopard 2 series tank in 1/16 scale. Set come with below parts; also refer to pictures. MG3 machine gun x 1pc Cupola MG mount (2 part) x 1pc ammo box x 1pc short ammo belt x 2pc # Notice : You need to paint the kit by yourself.
[OKMO] KMW FLW 200 Weapon St..
Hi detail, fun functional FLW 200 weapon station. you need to buy HL MG, nano and micro servos to make it work. can turn abound and elevation. # Build to order! set included; 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Mount With Smoke Discharger 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Stay Secure Bolt 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Stay 1 x KMW FLW 200...
$67.20 $60.48
[OKMO] Leopard 2A7+ Add-on k..
Superior high detail add-on/conversion kit for 1/16 Leopard 2A6 tanks (Tamiya or HL), turn your Leo2A6 into Leo2A7 or LeoA7+, available at your choice. Different between L2A7 and L2A7+ is without the turret side armor. both version come with functional FLW 200 weapon station. you need to buy HL MG, nano...
[TP] MG995 - 13kg high torqu..
MG995 Full Metal Gear 13 kg high torque servo Featured - Coreless motor - Metal Gear structure - Dual ball bearing - Cable length 30 cm - Weight : 55g Technical parameters: un-load speed of 0.17 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8V), 0.13 seconds / 60 degrees (6.0V) Torque: 13KG Operating temperature: -30 + 60...