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[Clark] TK24 Series Tank Sou..
#We stop selling TK22 series, and rearrange the listing of Clark TK series board, will open again once finish listing. please noted. #Pls noted that all tank board will be ship at once if we have stock, and we will ship ASAP if the model we are out of stock! approx. 1 to 2 weeks time. TK20 series RC...
[Clark] TK60 Series TK Progr..
Pro version come with complete English program interface! TK Programmer Pro version is used for change the sound file, and setting to your TK60 series control board! A must for TK60 user. For more detail, please refer to below Clark site! Sound files download page : Clark website Detail Spec. and configuration...
[Clark] TK60 Series Universa..
Main features: - You can change sound to different type of RC unit, like RC tank, RC Truck, RC Tractor, RC Crawler and even RC boat/Ships, change the sound without changing the electronic control, Now factory default was pre-burned sounds of German King Tiger and Elefant tank, will continue to launch...
[Clark] Transmitter and rece..
Programming IR TV Remote with IR Programming Wires for Clark TK series Board. detail programming please refer to Clark's site. http://clark-model.com/eng/prod_rx20/index.html Set come with a Sony style TV remote, an IR receiver and cable, also a jumper.
[DKLM] Clark TK Series Compo..
Clark TK Series Component and Cable Package! Included all needed cables and components to set up the Clark TK22/24/60. Package included below; 1. 2 pins cable x 2 for gearbox connection. 2. On/Off switch with 2 pin cable (Pls take extra care on +/- , not the color of the cable!! since every batch are...