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[Clark] TK60 Series Universa..
Main features: - You can change sound to different type of RC unit, like RC tank, RC Truck, RC Tractor, RC Crawler and even RC boat/Ships, change the sound without changing the electronic control, Now factory default was pre-burned sounds of German King Tiger and Elefant tank, will continue to launch...
$200.00 $190.00
[DK] 1/16 Metal Road Wheels ..
Metal Road Wheels with Swing arms set for HL 1/16 Challenger 2 Made by cast zinc alloy with ball bearing on each wheels, Rubber tires, Full set come with metal support wheels, suspension parts. swing arms all in metal. Directly replace the plastic wheels from the tank. Set included: 12pcs x Road Wheels...
$103.00 $92.70
[DK] 1/16 Metal winter track..
1/16 Metal Snow track for Leopard 2A6 High quality metal snow track for 1/16 Leopard which fit for Tamiya or HL. Each snow track pad can remove! price in pair and assembled. Metal track with rubber pad for Leopard is available by this link. http://www.dklmrc.com/116_Metal_track_with_rubber_pad_for_L...
$92.00 $87.40
[DK] Metal Track Link For Ta..
Single track link for JS-2 tank, please specify which type you need to purchase. Type (A) with track guide, Type (B) without track guide. For Tamiya item no.#56034 or #56035 Each link come with 2 track pin. Superior quality Die cast Zinc Alloy metal track link for your 1/16 JS-2 tank.
$1.00 $0.80
[MODELXU] 1/16 RC Full Metal..
New! Full metal Jagdtiger. completely CNC all main parts in Stainless steel, steel, Aluminum and copper, the most high detail full 1/16 rc tank kit in the world! Kit included below parts; 1. Full chassis mainly made by CNC in Aluminum alloy, upper hull, lower hull 2. Steel running system I) Stainless...
$3,450.00 $3,105.00
[OKMO] 1/16 Polish T-55AM Me..
NOW 20% OFF!! OKMO are proud to release their first product : Polish T-55AM Merida Add-on Kit for Hooben T-55A. This kit is made with the highest quality of Resin with intricate detailing, featuring our authentic silicon rubber side skirts with exact replica to original. Master mold is made by the worlds...
$149.00 $119.20
[OKMO] KMW FLW 200 Weapon St..
Hi detail, fun functional FLW 200 weapon station. you need to buy HL MG, nano and micro servos to make it work. can turn abound and elevation. # Build to order! set included; 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Mount With Smoke Discharger 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Stay Secure Bolt 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Stay 1 x KMW FLW 200...
$77.20 $69.48
[RTDE] Early type Metal trac..
Early Version premium grade metal track for JAGDPANTHER or PANTHER in 1/16 scale. Suitable for Taigen and HL Sprocket Parts included: 1. A pair of metal track for both left and right. 2. 2 pcs spare link 3. 4 pcs spare pin Video show the Pahther F using the Metal track above.
$68.80 $61.92