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[AM] Tiny Hex screw driver M..
Handy tool for tight up the Tiny hex bolt and nut in different size. Please choose from the pull down menu. M1 Hex Bolt http://www.dklmrc.com/Copper_made_M14_hex_bolt/p2389473_12383293.aspx M1 Nut http://www.dklmrc.com/Copper_made_M1_Bolt_Nut/p2389473_12383303.aspx M1.2 Hex Bolt http://www.dklmrc.com/Copper_made_M12_hex_bolt/p2389473_12383343.aspx...
[DK] Metal grill mesh for 1/..
steel grill mesh in 3 hole size, which is 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.6mm, Choose your prefer hole size at the left side pull down menu. Perfect use for DIY project and scratch build modeling purpose! Hole size from 0.3mm, 0.4mm or 0.6mm size : 95 95mm # Price for 1 pc
[OKMO] IR Emitter Mount for ..
OKMO Design IR emitter for RC tank Come with 3 different size of barrel clip to let you fit all your tank. set included; 1. Emitter holder 2. Emitter end cap 3. 10mm barrel clip 4. 12mm barrel clip 5. 14mm barrel clip 6. M1.5 screw Not included the IR emitter bulb