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[DK] 1/16 Metal Road Wheels ..
Metal Road Wheels with Swing arms set for HL 1/16 Russia T-90 Made by cast zinc alloy with ball bearing on each wheels, Rubber tires, Full set come with metal support wheels. swing arms all in metal. Directly replace the plastic wheels from the tank. Set included: 12pcs x Road Wheels with ball bearing...
[DK] 1/16 Metal Track for T-..
Fine Cast Metal Track for 1/16 T-90 tank Double pin version, not like HL metal track in single pin. 1/16 scale cast zinc alloy metal track for HL T-90 plastic or metal sprocket. Part contain a pair of metal track. with spare track links.
[DK] Full Metal Recoil + Ele..
New in stock! Super stable servo recoil and servo elevation unit in metal. it will fit Henglong, Taigen, Torro, and Tamiya tank in 1/16 scale with some DIY works. Package come as assembled shown as photos. servo recoil installed. also come with gears and mount plate for the elevation unit. you need to...
[DK] Metal grill mesh for 1/..
steel grill mesh in 3 hole size, which is 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.6mm, Choose your prefer hole size at the left side pull down menu. Perfect use for DIY project and scratch build modeling purpose! Hole size from 0.3mm, 0.4mm or 0.6mm size : 95 95mm # Price for 1 pc
[DK] Metal Sprocket & Idler ..
Metal Sprocket & Idler Wheel set for 1/16 HL T-90 RC tank Made by cast zinc alloy with ball bearing, Sprocket come with track guide. directly replace the plastic wheels from the tank. Set included: 2 x Sprocket Wheel 2 x Idler Wheel (bearing included)
[DK] Propulsion dynamics ste..
We ship at once if we have the model you purchase in stock, otherwise have to wait for new stock arrive. Please noted. New Propulsion dynamics steel gearbox (we called : PDSGB) Now available for your tanks! come with powerful torque and desired speed for your RC tanks! Dimension : Approx W=95, L=110,...
[DK] Propulsion dynamics ste..
Steel Mount Set to let you mount and your desire tank and you can switch the PDSGB to use on different tank! Package included: 1. PDSGB steel mount 2. Steel output gear x 2 (with grub screw) 3. Output shaft x 2 (length refer to tank model) 4. Set of screws for mount plate
[TP] MG995 - 13kg high torqu..
MG995 Full Metal Gear 13 kg high torque servo Featured - Coreless motor - Metal Gear structure - Dual ball bearing - Cable length 30 cm - Weight : 55g Technical parameters: un-load speed of 0.17 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8V), 0.13 seconds / 60 degrees (6.0V) Torque: 13KG Operating temperature: -30 + 60...