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[OKMO] 1/16 Polish T-55AM Me..
NOW 20% OFF!! OKMO are proud to release their first product : Polish T-55AM Merida Add-on Kit for Hooben T-55A. This kit is made with the highest quality of Resin with intricate detailing, featuring our authentic silicon rubber side skirts with exact replica to original. Master mold is made by the worlds...
$149.00 $119.20
[OKMO] 1/16 US T28/95 GMC rc..
The world first 1/16 remote control T28/95 GMC . Limited Edition, we only produce 28 set this time. Kit consist of 2 models: 1/16 T28 GMC Kit 1/16 T95 GMC add-on kit Featuring: -Full kits over seven hundred parts -Fully articulating suspension -Tandem drive attach and detachment as per real scale -Interlocking...
[OKMO] 3DP T23 Turret kit fo..
3D Print Sherman T23 turret with all detail parts to convert your HL M4A3 into M4A3E8 easy eight. kits come with servo recoil unit, servo elevation unit, barrel with metal tube inside to hold it straight, come with all screws need for assembly. and MG and some parts from HL. # Build to order !
[OKMO] Chobham Armor Add-on ..
The Chobham Armor Add-on kit for 1/16 Challenger 2 Rc tank. kit in white ABS material, set inclided below parts; 1 x Chobham Armor L 1 x Chobham Armor R 1 x Chobham Frontal Armor 1 x CIP Plate L 1 x CIP Plate R 1 x Exhaust Cower L 1 x Exhaust Cower R 2 x Turret Rear CIP Plate # Build to order, lead time...
[OKMO] HVSS Conversion kit f..
3D print HVSS (Vertical volute spring suspension) for Sherman tank, a complete conversion kit for 1/16 RC M4 Sherman, kit come with all necessary parts, bolts and nuts, also the sprocket and track. # Build to order ! Download Instruction Manual Prefect combination with our T23 turret to make it into...
[OKMO] IR Emitter Mount for ..
OKMO Design IR emitter for RC tank Come with 3 different size of barrel clip to let you fit all your tank. set included; 1. Emitter holder 2. Emitter end cap 3. 10mm barrel clip 4. 12mm barrel clip 5. 14mm barrel clip 6. M1.5 screw Not included the IR emitter bulb
[OKMO] KMW FLW 200 Weapon St..
Hi detail, fun functional FLW 200 weapon station. you need to buy HL MG, nano and micro servos to make it work. can turn abound and elevation. # Build to order! set included; 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Mount With Smoke Discharger 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Stay Secure Bolt 1 x KMW FLW 200 Gun Stay 1 x KMW FLW 200...
$77.20 $69.48
[OKMO] Leopard 2A7+ Add-on k..
Superior high detail add-on/conversion kit for 1/16 Leopard 2A6 tanks (Tamiya or HL), turn your Leo2A6 into Leo2A7 or LeoA7+, available at your choice. Different between L2A7 and L2A7+ is without the turret side armor. both version come with functional FLW 200 weapon station. you need to buy HL MG, nano...