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[DK] 1/16 Metal track with r..
High quality metal track for 1/16 Leopard 2 which fit for Tamiya, HL or Taigen. changeable rubber pad allow you to replace it any is broken or missing. This track also used on HL Challenger 2 (need to use our Challenger 2 sprocket which come with rubber rings and correct g asket to make it works ). P...
[DK] 1/16 Metal winter track..
1/16 Metal Snow track for Leopard 2A6 High quality metal snow track for 1/16 Leopard which fit for Tamiya or HL. Each snow track pad can remove! price in pair and assembled. Metal track with rubber pad for Leopard is available by this link. http://www.dklmrc.com/116_Metal_track_with_rubber_pad_for_L...
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[DK] Stainless Steel Track f..
Build to order, please noted. Premium Grade Upgrades! You will never break your track now! Made by STAINLESS STEEL 304, superior quality, robust, durable and heavy duty. 83 link per track, assembled tracks with rubber pad installed. come with 6 spare links. It prefect fit for Tamiya L2A6, and also fit...
[DK] Super detail CNC millin..
New Super detail CNC milling Stainless Steel idler wheel for Tamiya Leopard 2A6. You get what you see from the pictures! Parts included: 2 x Stainless steel inner halve idler with pre mounted rubber tire. 2 x Stainless steel outer halve idler with pre mounted rubber tire. 2 x Copper mount 2 x Copper...
High resolution SLA 3D print MG3 machine gun set for Leopard 2 series tank in 1/16 scale. Set come with below parts; also refer to pictures. MG3 machine gun x 1pc Cupola MG mount (2 part) x 1pc ammo box x 1pc short ammo belt x 2pc # Notice : You need to paint the kit by yourself.