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[DK] Propulsion dynamics steel gearbox for 1/16 RC tanks
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We ship at once if we have the model you purchase in stock, otherwise have to wait for new stock arrive. Please noted.

New Propulsion dynamics steel gearbox (we called : PDSGB) Now available for your tanks! come with powerful torque and desired speed for your RC tanks!

Dimension : Approx W=95, L=110, H=45 (mm), not count the shaft length.


1. Straight running - as moving forward and backward are driving from 1 motor, both sides of the output shaft is rotated synchronously, there will be no speed difference and it will keep the tank run straight, will not cause by resistance of different gearbox, and track then made the tank cannot run straight in traditional dual mixing gearbox system.

Good steering linearity, it will turn very smooth when driving in either low and high speed with this system.

3. Super torque - Even in complex rugged terrain still able to maintain good steering performance

Available for some WWII and Modern tanks. click the list to check model available.

# Gearbox Plate directly fit for HL tank hull, shaft dimension are , speed and torque designed refer to the tank model.

# Fit Taigen/asiatam/Torro tanks chassis too. but some sprockets need to be use HL one, please check with us before place order. :)

# Tested Supported Tank board:
* Clark TK22/24, TK60
* IBU3
* ASP2
* WH16S


#Ship in next day if we have stock, otherwise will need to wait for next production batch.

Video by Stian Sollie, PDSGB set up with his Torro JT, he modified the slot to prevent hit the original Torro gearbox plate. a simple guild for installation.

Video by Ryuri Takanori, 1/16 Challenger 2 with Dual clutches system steel gearbox (PDSGB) and Clark TK24 tank board!

Video by Stian Sollie, PDSGB set up With IBU3(with updated software) and TK24.水#
smooth drive on both tank board.

Video by Adrian Adamczyk, PDSGB set with Elmod, Work so fine!

Product Code: DK2650
weight: 1100 g
Product Condition: New
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what I needed
This is the epitome of bleeding edge, high tech. With an IBU3 board, installed on my Imex/Taigen King Tiger, this setup finally allowed me to drive like a real tank. Its tracking is flawless, upon install, the main sprockets spun freely and no binding or tension. The wires did have to be switched and track recoil is sent to both motors, thus it turns when main gun is fired, but those are software issues and not DLMKs issues. its a nice heavy duty item, with shipping about 200 to the states, and needing a new radio and IC board to operate is not for everyone. This is quality for sure and i will say "worth the wait". Thanks to Carlson for providing this "one off" (almost) piece. My 500 tank was worthless to me due to turning (or lack of) and trim issues that made it un-fun to operate. Now, with the deftness of a scale man controlling this tank, I can turn realistically and with uber-control over smallest increments. Its accurate and well made and although its cost is a little prohibitive, to those creating masterpieces, or those wanting real power and drivability, the Dynamic Propulsion Gearbox is truly a winner with durability and ruggedness to keep your tank going way past any competition. I will add the "Wow" factor is impressive with this baby too! Way to go Carlson!
first buy
Bought and installed in my Torro Jagdtiger. Works With both IBU3 and Clark TK 24. Super Power and smooth driving . Recommended
Finally I built my KV1 to the testing stage with the PDSG and Clark TK22 controller. Now I can say it is really fun to drive and worth the money. Awsome power and precision. Very nice, love it!
Best gearbox
I installed this gearbox in my Mato Tiger 1 with no problems. The Tiger runs much better so i will change even in my Leopard 2A6. Carson has the best parts and the best service, i am a beginner with tanks but Carson help me with anny problems - THANK YOU CARSON.
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