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[DK] Metal Track Inducer for Tamiya 1/16 Leopard 2A6 Kit 56019
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$49.00 No tax
Track inducer made by Steel, super robust and long life,
Design for stock plastic inducer replacement, Easy installation, no more track off during tank battle.

Set included 2 pcs of inducer as shown.
Product Code: TA32A6
Brand: DKLM...
weight: 380 g
Product Condition: New
Customer Reviews
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Nice well made
Fit like a glove for timiya heng long also all cut from solid metal
Robust 2a6 add value to your investment
I have seen a lot of products out there and the question is are they essential ? Well most of you would say no because they do not value add to the performance and reliability of your TAMIYA 2a6 . What makes the difference ? The basic fundimentals of a tank. Functionality , Reliability and robust this is needed to firstly get right . So in short the drive train this is what makes your investment tick and why this product is a must have item and you will not be disappointed by this addition to your 2a6 Tamiya . The product displays CNC quality and Craftsmanship it is impressive. Get your hands on a set then it becomes very clear to you that you have made the right decision it is worth the small investment in so many ways and the benefit will become clear when others start having problems and your still running. More time enjoying your Tamiya 2a6 instead of constant break downs and fixing them thats what I see . So I Highly Recommend you purchase a set and dispense the plastic set in the bin which wear out and throw your tracks off .
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